Saturday, December 31, 2016

Global and Inclusive Political Agreement

The main elements of the Global and Inclusive Political Agreement

1. Joseph Kabila will remain President until the inauguration of a new President
2. Presidential, legislative and provincial elections will be held in December 2017
3. The current Parliament will remain in place as is.
4. A government of national unity will be established.
5. Prime Minister post goes to the opposition.
6. Kabila's majority cannot call for a referendum
7. Kabila's majority cannot revise the Constitution
8. √Čtienne Tshisekedi will manage A National Transition Council or Follow-up Committee to monitor the implementation of the agreement
9. Kabila's presidential majority will retain full management of provincial governments
10. The cases of Moises Katumbi and Jean-Claude Muyambo will be managed by the CENCO
11. The Catholic Bishops will write to the head of state to ask for a pardon in favor of Diomi Ndongala.
12. Both opposition and majority will take part in the reorganization of the National Independent Electoral Commission
13. Select individuals (Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi, Roger Lumbala, Floribert Anzuluni) who are in exile can return to the country without being pursued by the state