Monday, June 26, 2006

Catholic Church Speaks With One Voice

The Catholic Church spoke with one voice making seven suggestions in a message of hope to the Congolese people. The Cardinal, Archbishops and Bishops, Standing Committee members of the national Episcopal Conference of Congo,(CENCO in French) issued their message following a four-day meeting of the group. The suggestions were:
1. A call for a consensus regarding the end of the transition beyond June 30th;
2. Establishment of a process of governing during the election period as most of the government leaders will be involved in the elections;
3. A unified military;
4. A guarantee for the security and transparency of the elections;
5. Accelerate the publication of the voting lists and candidates for the different levels of government;
6. Resolve the problem of inclusivity in a just and equitable manner;
7. The signing of a non-aggression pact and an end to hostilities.

CENCO also condemned the diversion of public funds by those in power to fund their election campaigns. The group did not support any one candidate but called on the people to vote for candidates that have a love for the country and the best interest of the people at heart. In addition, they called on the people to support candidates who have high moral principles, and the intellectual capacity and experience to govern the country.

Finally, CENCO thanked the international community for the role that they have played thus far, especially in funding the elections but they cautioned the international community to respect the sovereignty of the Congo and not impose a leader on the Congo that is not the choice of the Congolese people.


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