Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tensions Rise in Kinshasa

As the June 30th date approaches, which will mark the end of the transition period, tensions in Kinshasa are rising. A number of political parties, non-government organizations and the Catholic church (50% of Congolese are Catholic and the Catholic church is arguably the most organized institution in the country) have called for dialogue among political leaders before the July 30th elections.

The Kabila government and the International community in particular are wary of such talks because they believe that this may open pandora's box and lead to further delays of the elections.

The role of the international community has been brought into question as it relates to the finalization of the electoral calendar. The post July 30th calendar was announced from Brussels by the EU special representative in the Great Lakes region, Aldo Ajello, which confirms the complaints of many Congolese that the election process has been built to serve the needs and interests of the Kabila government and the international community and not the Congolese people ( Read Article >>).

Let us know your ideas about the importance of a dialogue prior to the elections as well as your thoughts about the role of the international community in the organizing of the elections.


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