Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Uncertainty is the Order of the Day

Twenty-four hours before the official start of the thirty-day campaign period, uncertainty and concern are the order of the day. Monday, June 26 was the date set by president Kabila and the transitional government to set the ground rules for consultations among political actors prior to the June 30th (Date of the official end of the three-year transition process. The 30th of June is also Congo's independence day). However, the date has come and gone without any word from president Kabila. He is in the east of the country speaking to the population in what appears to be pre-campaign addresses.

A collection of political figures has traveled to Gabon to meet with president Omar Bango to discuss the uneasy political climate. A third group of political actors including Jean-Pierre Bemba of the MLC, Azarias Ruberwa of the RCD and the CIAT (international conterpart to the electoral process) are awaiting Kabila's return to Kinshasa.

As the campaign period (June 30 - July 30) draws near, one can only hope that peace and dialogue will prevail over uncertainty and intrigue which could lead to violence.


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