Monday, November 13, 2006

90 Percent of Partial Results Reported: One Million Votes Being Contested

The Independent Electoral Commission (CEI in French) reported that Joseph Kabila has 60 percent of the votes while Jean Pierre Bemba has 40 percent with 90 percent of the votes counted. The turnout rate thus far is 66 percent.

The CEI has reiterated that the results are not final and they are reviewing complaints of fraud submitted by Bemba's coalition. Apparently 1 million votes are in question (Click here to see report).

The situation is still tense in Kinshasa, however the fighting that broke out on Saturday and claimed four lives has ceased. It is critical for the CEI to verify the results to the satisfaction of both candidates. This would go a long way to avoiding further conflict and bolstering the legitimacy of the winner.


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