Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Catholic Church Cries Foul

Cardinal Frédéric Etsou, Archbishop of Kinshasa claimed that just as in the first round of the votes, the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) has fixed the votes in favor of Joseph Kabila. Cardinal Etsou made the claim in an interview with Radio France Internationale.

The Cardinal called upon the international community to cease its attempts to impose a leader on the Congo. Etsou's statements are of particular significance considering that the Catholic church was one of the key organizers of the elections and has consistently called for fair, free and transparent elections. The president of the CEI, Apollinaire Malumalu rejected the claims of fraud and cheating. However, Etsou says he has proof that Bemba won the elections but the results were fixed to keep Kabila in power.

Apparently, the church has documentation to demonstrate that the elections are being fixed in favor of Kabila. Should we get access to these documents, we will make them available.

Our sources on the ground have shared with us that the both the United Nations and European troops have begun to disarm Bemba's militia while leaving Kabila's security forces untouched. Both the church representatives and Bemba's coalition araccusingng the international community of trying to impose a leader on the people of the Congo by force if necessary.


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