Friday, January 26, 2007

Friends of the Congo Brings its Message of Congolese Self-Determination to World Social Forum

Over 50,000 activists representing many non profit organizations attended the 7th World Social Forum. The forum was set up at the Moi International Kasarani Sports Complex. The Kenyan student division of Friends of the Congo brought the message of Lumumba to the attendees and were well received.

The World Social Forum, initiated to serve as a counterbalance to the World Economic Forum in Davos addressed many of the pressing issues of countries of the South. Friends of the Congo along with other Congolese groups placed the pillaging of the Congo's resources and subsequent impoverishment of Congolese on the agenda.

Our message of self-determination for the Congo was well received. We had the opportunity to engage in an exchange with Nobel Peace prize winner Dr. Wangari Mathai who encouraged us to continue with our fight on behalf of the Congo.


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