Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Policy Paper on Dire Situation in Congo

Perhaps you have heard the recent news - thousands of civilians are being forced to flee in eastern D.R. Congo as CNDP rebel troops move toward the regional capital of Goma. The Congolese military has begun to retreat and people are protesting the UN for its failure to protect them.

Furthermore, local sources allege that two battalions of Rwandan troops are fighting with General Laurent Nkunda, the leader of CNDP. Over the last several months, AFJN has reported on the escalation of violence and the role of Rwanda in the crisis. We reprimand the United States for its outright support for Paul Kagame's government in Rwanda, both in the form of military aid as well as public praise.

Last week, we released a new policy paper entitled "Two Rebel Groups, One Solution to the Crisis in Eastern DR Congo" which analyzes the FDLR and CNDP rebel movements. It projects policy options for the U.S. and ways for citizens to take action to stop the conflict.

Download a copy of the paper here, and then forward this email to spread awareness about the U.S. role in exacerbating Congo's war.

Thank you for your commitment to peace and justice in Africa!

In solidarity,

Rocco, Bahati, and Beth
African Faith and Justice Network


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