Saturday, November 08, 2008

More Meetings, More Agreements, Less Change

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon best sums up the meeting around the Congo on Friday, November 7, 2008 when he said “It’s not a matter of how many agreements. It’s a matter of implementation. It’s a matter of political will.” The fact of the matter is there is little political will from the global community to cease the pilfering of Congo's wealth. At the root of the conflict is continued ease of access to Congo's vast mineral wealth at "dirt cheap" prices. It is for this reason that the West spent $500 million to install a rebel leader with Congolese blood on his hands so they would be assured of someone they can control; or as the International Crisis Group stated in their July 2007 report on Consolidating The Peace; someone who is reliable -- translation -- someone Western nations can rely on to serve their interests and keep the Congolese population in check.

Friday's meeting produced an agreement calling for an end to the conflict and an insertion of African Union troops if the UN troops currently in the Congo are not able to protect the civilian population. The meeting also called for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor so that aid can get to the people. Present at the summit were the DRC President Joseph Kabila and President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, as well as the leaders of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and South Africa. European and American observers were also present.

The path to peace and stability is clear but the will is weak, Congo is too rich and too easy a prize for greedy elites, Western corporations and foreign governments to cease their backing of greedy, inept leaders and allow the Congolese people shape and determine their own destiny.


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