Thursday, February 05, 2009

Congolese Would Have to be Insane ...

Congolese would have to be insane if they believe that the aggressor nations of Rwanda and Uganda are now agents of peace. The game has not changed, the recent developments reflect the latest attempt of Europe and America to control Congo's wealth via its pre-eminent proxy forces (Rwanda & Uganda) in Central Africa. We cannot overstate the fact that Congo's president Joseph Kabila was with Rwanda and Uganda in their 1996 invasion of the Congo. Jospeh Kabila was under the tutelage and guidance of James Kabarebe, the current aide-de camp of Paul Kagame. Hence, he is fulfilling is role as expected by the West.

The Sarkozy and Cohen Plans and most recently the Museveni proposal are all a part of the persistent effort to balkanize the Congo and place large swaths of Congo's wealth in the hands of America and British allies Rwanda and Uganda ostensibly to benefit Western corporate interests. Both Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda are firmly ensconced in the Corporate and Military complexes of America and Britain. The fact of the matter is that Rwanda and Uganda can no more relinquish its foothold in Eastern Congo than America can relinquish its foothold in Central Africa through its proxies Rwanda and Uganda. Unfortunately, its the people of the Congo who bear the brunt of the suffering of US foreign policy.

The key is for friends of the Congo on the outside of the country to continue to expose the underlying forces that produce the war, rapes and biblical scale suffering of the people of Congo. In addition, external friends of Congo need to step up its support of Congolese grassroots institutions and keep the pressure on the West's proxies in Central Africa in spite of the attempts of western intellectuals and humanitarian institutions to muddy the waters by pushing a genocide narrative and industry.

The Congolese people are obviously resolute in keeping their country in tact and securing their wealth. This will require the establishment of strong Congolese institutions to defend the interests of the people. The optimum way to be in solidarity with the people of the Congo is to provide support to Congolese institutions working to defend the interests of the people.

Take action now in solidarity with the people of the Congo.


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