Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Martyrs Day

Today, January 4th 2012, marks the 53rd anniversary of the courageous uprising of young Congolese in Kinshasa, then Leopoldville, to demand an end of Belgian colonialism. As the people took to the streets, several hundred died as they were shot with live fire by Belgian security forces though this was a peaceful march. Nine days later the King of Belgium announced that in due time Belgium would grant Congo full independence. The courageous stance by that generation of Congolese served as a key catalyst for Congo’s independence in 1960. This day is known as the Day of the Martyrs of Independence.

As we remember the courageous fighters of that time, we should know that Congolese today inside and outside are organizing to regain control of their country. From Kinshasa to Lubumbashi, Brussels to Seoul, London to Washington, Congolese have risen with one voice demanding that their voice be heard and their will be respected in spite of the fraudulent attempt to steal the November elections.

With this awakening, the youth of the Congo are more than determined to resist the hijacking of the future of their country. They aim to fulfill their founding mothers' fathers' prophecy that they will write their own history. A grassroots movement throughout the Congo and outside has begun with one word... INGETA... a word in Kikongo meaning "So be it." Young Congolese have come together to develop a platform connecting them worldwide and celebrating the martyrs of their country.

On this day, we hope you join the Congolese in their pursuit of true independence... and that day will come sooner than one might think.

Click here (Francais) to learn more about Ingeta!

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