Sunday, August 19, 2012

Excerpts From SADC Communique, August 18, Maputo, Mozambique

13.1 On DRC,  Summit noted with great concern that  the security situation in the Eastern  part of  DRC has deteriorated in the last  three (3) months, causing displacement of people and loss of lives and property. Summit  also  noted that this is being perpetrated by rebel groups with assistance of Rwanda, and urged the latter to cease immediately its interference that constitutes a threat to peace and stability, not only of the DRC, but also of the SADC Region.4 This situation has called for renewed and urgent attention by the Summit which fielded an Assessment Mission to the DRC. Summit endorsed a Report of the Mission which recommended appropriate action to address the security situation in the Eastern part of DRC.  Summit further mandated the Chairperson of SADC to undertake a mission to Rwanda to engage the Government of Rwanda with the aim of urging Rwanda to stop military support to armed rebels in the DRC, the so-called M23. Summit  also urged  Member States and the international Community to provide humanitarian relief to the displaced people in the Eastern part of DRC.

13.2 Summit directed the SADC Secretariat to collaborate with the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region Secretariat in pursuit of peace and security in the Eastern DRC.

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