Sunday, October 18, 2020

Connecting Our African + African-American Brothers & Sisters

The painful destruction of African families and tribes due to colonization is one that had irreparable effects on the Black community leading to generations of kids not having the privilege every other racial group did, knowing their history. Slavery was the colonizer’s history. Their shameful, bloody takeover of the land from the Native Americans was led by enslaving beautifully melanated Africans and forcing them to do slave labor. Even after years of attempts to liberate ourselves from the chains and whips, we still face brutality in a land forced onto us.

Acknowledging that African-Americans were stripped of knowing their real identity and ancestry, Africans can trace the country from where their families stayed from going generations back. We are all seen and treated the same but, we all have different stories and backgrounds. Learning to accept and embrace each other while respecting that some of our brothers & sisters were robbed of learning their true history is the key to building relationships and uniting for the strengthening of our communities to become one, as we always have and will be.

Azameet G
Communications Director
UC Merced


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