Friday, July 28, 2006

The Last Day to Campaign

Friday, July 28 is the last day for the candidates to campaign. Campaigning will end today, no campaigning will take place on Saturday and the vote will take place on Sunday. The Electoral Commission said that voting will only take one day. It is hard to see how this will happen but time will tell.

The Catholic Church decided in the end to back the elections and issued a call to its parishioners to turn out en masse.

Investors Business Daily published an excellent article today, in which they pointed out key flaws in the organizing of the elections and were critical of the United Nations but the critique should also be applied to the United States and the European Union as well. Below is a seminal quote in the article as well as a link to it:

"Today, Congolese are protesting in the streets because they don't want that [a weak state that left the country vulnerable to invasion by its neighbors] repeated. They want confidence in a fair system, which is the most critical factor in a credible democracy. It has less to do with money than it does with leadership. The U.N., in arrogantly ignoring these concerns, is showing little leadership."
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