Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Congo Mining Review: Chaos or Progress?

The Congolese government recently made details of the mining review available to mining companies in the Congo. According to the deputy mining minister, Victor Kasongo, none of the country's 60-odd mining contracts were found to be properly constituted. The government delivered its findings to the companies ahead of the scheduled February 20, 2008 delivery date.

The government claims it is the next phase in the mining review process, however, no one really knows where this is heading. The report that was produced by a commission made up of international institutions such as the Carter Center and Soros Institute has not been made available to the parliament or the Congolese people. Nonetheless, Kasongo says "We intend to institute a brief and open administrative appeal process, to a specially constituted panel, through which a company can present its case for reclassification, while minimizing confrontation and shortening any delay to renegotiation." Apparently the companies will have one week to analyze the results.


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