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ASADHO Condemns Political Intolerance Fostered by the Congolese Government


"ASADHO condemns political intolerance fostered by the Congolese government on the eve of general elections in DR Congo"

The African Association for Defense of Human Rights (ASADHO), is alarmed by a series of intimidation, arrests and repression against members of the political opposition by the Government of the DRC.

Indeed, these are listed following cases:

1) On January 9, 2011, meeting of members of political opposition in the Congo Room of the Grand Hotel in Kinshasa has been banned without giving any reason;

2) An event scheduled to take place January 7, 2011 by the political party Congolese Union for the Nation (UNC) led by Mr. President Vital Kamerhe was banned for reasons not stated.

To recall, during his political tour in order to implement the provincial federations of his party Union pour la Nation in eastern Congo country, Vital Kamerhe, was banned from holding a rally in downtown Goma in the province North Kivu without reason;

3) The arrest in Kindu December 16, 2010 of party members including Mr. Vital Kamerhe Clement Kapay Lukembe Muchapé and Daniel, both charged with implementing the party in the localities and Kibombo Kabambare

The arrest of Mr Ndongala, National President of Christian Democracy party (DC). On tour in the preparation of the congress of his party, Mr. Eugene Ndongala, was arrested Jan. 13, 2011 in Moanda by elements of the Congolese National Police based on a procedural violation. On January 14, 2011, he was prosecuted before the Court of Peace Moanda, for alleged assault and simple assault and contempt and sentenced to five months' imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 Congolese Francs. On January 15, 2011, he was transferred to the prison of Boma, where he is detained to date. His bodyguard was also arrested and his property (telephones) were taken away.

5) For his part, Mr. Freddy Kita, Secretary General of the party "DC" in Kinshasa said he received Monday, January 24, 2011 threats by a stranger on the phone, saying: "this time you will see what will happen to you "

6) The refusal by the notary of the city of Kinshasa to authenticate the revised statutes of the party Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS);

According to information received by ASADHO, the new statutes of the party Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), adopted at its first ordinary congress held in Kinshasa in December 2010, presented by the Secretary General of that party to be notarized in this month of January 2011 have been rejected by the Notary of the Town of Kinshasa.

ASADHO notes while we are heading towards elections later this year, members of the political opposition are being arrested, intimidated, threatened and punished or banned demonstrations by the security services of the DRC in violation of the Constitution.

The Government's attitude is not likely to guarantee free elections, democratic and fair to all political parties.

ASADHO condemns this political intolerance and recalls that under Article 60 of the Constitution, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms are necessary for public authorities and any person.

Given the foregoing, ASADHO recommends:

• To the President of the Republic:

- The unconditionally release of all political opponents are jailed.

• To the Congolese Government:

- Ensure the safety of members of political opposition and allow them to freely hold their meetings and other public events in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

- Take necessary measures to ensure that all elections to be held in the DR Congo be free, democratic and fair.


- Include in its plans for 2011, protection of opposition candidates in the elections of 2011.

• Political Parties

- Do not give in to threats and intimidation, but continue to exercise their rights under the provisions of the Constitution.

Kinshasa, January 31, 2011


For information, contact:
Master Jean Claude Katende: National President
Telephone (00243) 811 729 908

Master George Kapiamba: National Vice President
Telephone (00243) 814 043 641

"Floribert Chebeya did not die for nothing. Continue the struggle for Human Rights ".

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African Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ASADHO)
D. R. Congo


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