Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fighting Continues

According to the Friends of the Congo sources from Kinshasa, fighting continues in the nation's capital. The streets are empty, shops are closed and people are remaining inside for fear of being hit by stray bullets.

Kabila's Special Presidential Security Guard or GSSP in French is still fighting against Jean Pierre Bemba's security forces. On yesterday, Jean Pierre Bemba's house sustained missile, gun and canon fire. To the surprise of many observers, this took place while Bemba was meeting with William Swing, head of MONUC and CIAT, and foreign diplomats who make up the CIAT. The United Nations troops rescued William Swing and the diplomats from Bemba's house. The latest information that we have is that Bemba is under United Nations protection as he was evacuated with William Swing and the foreign diplomats on Monday.

The Kabila government claims that it is trying to disarm Bemba's security forces while Bemba's representatives say, Kabila is trying to assassinate Bemba. Diplomats are working feverishly to bring about a cease fire and get the two sides to talk. William Swing has called for the immediate end of clashes and a respect for the democratic process.

The European Union's rapid reaction force summoned 200 more German and Dutch soldiers from nearby Gabon where there are 1,000 EU troops in addition to the 1,000 that is already in the Congo along with 17,000 United Nations troops.

The latest update from Kinshasa indicates that things are much calmer in the evening but the climate is still tense.

The past few weeks clearly demonstrate the difference between the Congolese masses, who voted in peace and dignity and violent rebel leaders, including the government that continue to hold the Congolese people hostage to a climate of terror and conflict. Yet, these are the leaders that some European leaders and heads of multi-national corporations say represent the hope and future of the Congo.

Congolese are tired of the suffering and abject poverty to which they have been subjected. They are determined to extricate themselves from the cabal of thugs masquerading as political leaders backed by foreign corporate and government powers.

Ata Ndele, the people will prevail.


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