Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Congo's Contract Review Process

On June 11, 2007 the Congo's Ministry of Mining launched a review of 60 existing mining contracts. These contracts were signed during the wars of plunder (1996 - 2002) and the corrupt transition process (2003 - 2006). During the war years the Congo witnessed Leopoldian levels of pillaging at the expense of the people who lost at the very least 4 million lives, tens of thousands of women and children raped and millions displaced.

Without a doubt the current contracts allow for the pilfering of the Congo. The landscape is replete with studies that clearly document the fleecing of the Congo. The big question is whether or not this review process is real or a big cover-up. Will people of goodwill sit and allow those who are in part responsible for the heinous deaths of so many Congolese now profit at the expense of future generations.

Join people of goodwill from around the globe as they call for justice and say NO to the looting of the Congo's wealth. Read the below documents to get the facts:
Southern Africa Resource Watch Report (PDF)