Monday, June 01, 2020

Solidarity With African Americans

We, members of the popular mass movement, TELEMA, striving not only for the unity of Africa but also for its solidarity; reflecting on pan-Africanism as articulated by Thomas Sankara, gathered within our organization to reaffirm our solidarity with our African-American brothers and sisters.  Their oppression has been exposed yet again by the brutal and inhumane killing of George Floyd after the police officer of Minneapolis Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost 9 minutes while he was handcuffed and laid face down on the road.

Faced with this act of murder, the popular mass movement, TELEMA demands:
1. The African Union to follow closely the legal processes against Derek Chauvin;
2. African heads of state to challenge and confront the United States, especially at the level of the United Nations, about its human rights abuses of African-Americans;
3. Our brothers and sisters in the 54 African countries to demand of their political leaders to summon the American ambassadors in each country to account for the abuses that are occurring against African Americans;
4. Pan-African movements and organizations to stand together and be vigilant against the injustices that affect the sons and daughters of our dear African continent who were separated from us by the European slave trade.

Long live African American solidarity
Long live African American freedom
Long live African American unity
Long live the pan-Africanism of the people.

Done in Kinshasa, May 31, 2020