Sunday, November 01, 2020

Dr. Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Appeals for Justice During Congo Week Awards Ceremony

FOTC Atlanta is honored to have the opportunity to recognize Dr. Denis Mukwege for his incredible contribution to Congo, Africa and the world at large.

It is vital that we understand that Dr. Mukwege's feats as a world renowned surgeon who has repaired tens of thousands of Congolese women who have suffered the most severe and egregious forms of rape, genital mutilation and terror would in and of itself be worthy of international recognition and acclaim.

However, Dr. Mukwege has not simply rested on his accomplishments and acclaim as a doctor who mends women - as the film about him with a similar title describes. He has not fudged around the edges and focused solely on the symptoms of the atrocities that have disfigured so many women in the Congo. Rather, Dr. Mukwege has struck directly at the source of the pain of these women and children who have been victims of a targeted and protracted war against the Congolese people. He has gone beyond his vocation as a surgeon to become a champion for truth, a champion for justice, a champion for peace, a champion for human dignity in the heart of the African continent.

Dr. Mukwege has not remained silent about the rampant impunity, the egregious lack of accountability or the profound absence of justice - NO - Dr Mukwege has broken his silence on these highly political and geo-political questions. He has become Congo's and Africa's champion for justice. He has done so with great risk of life and limb having already survived one assassination attempt where he lost his dear friend and employee Jeff. And currently facing more threats from neighboring countries that have been a major source of the crimes in the Congo.

Dr. Mukwege, you are being hailed from the home of a fellow Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Trumpeter for Truth and Champion for Justice, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. The beneficiaries of Dr King's labor and sacrifice, the Black community of Atlanta, the African immigrant community of Atlanta, Black folks throughout the United State and people of goodwill, see you, we appreciate you and we have you back 100 percent.

We stand with you in your call for an International tribunal for the crimes committed in the Congo
We stand with you in your call for the full implementation of the UN Mapping Exercise Report
We stand with you in your call for justice for the people of the Congo
We stand with you in your call for peace in the Congo and the Great Lakes Region of Africa

Atlanta, America, please welcome DR Denis Mukwege, a global champion for peace, justice and human dignity.

Welcome delivered by Dr. Samuel Livingston