Monday, August 21, 2006

CEI Releases National Preliminary Results

The Independent Electoral Commission released the preliminary report last night on the July 30, 2006 election results. Before the announcement, skirmishes took place between Jean Pierre Bemba's security forces and Joseph Kabila's presidential guards. Three people were reported killed in the gunfire exchange and a number of others injured. The situation is not expected to worsen or break out into widespread conflict.

A run-off election will take place between Joseph Kabila and Jean Pierre Bemba. The numbers released by the CEI are as follows:

Registered Voters: 25,420,199
Those Who Voted: 17,931,238
Turnout Rate: 70.5%

Main Candidate Results:
Jean-Pierre BEMBA GOMBO 20%
Antoine GIZENGA 13%
Nzanga Joseph-Francois MOBUTU 4.7%

Because no one candidate received a majority of the votes, a run-off election will take place. The run-off is scheduled for October 29, 2006, however according to Article 71 of the Congolese constitution, the run-off is supposed to take place two weeks after the official announcement of the results. The official results are to be announced by the Supreme Court on August 31, 2006. Candidates have three days to lodge their complaints to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is to render its verdict regarding the complaints within 7 days and announce the official results by the August 31st.


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