Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Counting of Ballots Remain Problematic

Today the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) released results from 8 of 169 constituencies. Interestingly enough, the CEI began the releases in the east of the country where incumbent president Joseph Kabila performed best. Kabila is well ahead in the 8 constituencies reported, garnering as high as 85 percent of the votes in some cities.

International observers continue to report irregularities in the counting. Vote counting has been chaotic, ballots in two vote centers in Kinshasa have been destroyed by fire. In addition, observers have been blocked from entering vote centers to verify the counting. The European Observer mission said "The process is lacking checks and balances of transparency,"

Tense days are ahead as there is deep skepticism in Kinshasa where opponents to Kabila firmly believe that the international community will stop at nothing to install Kabila for another five years, even it means fixing the results.


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