Sunday, August 20, 2006

Run-off a Certainty

According to reports from media documenting the results in the Congo, the run-off is a certainty. Although, the official results have not been released, media agencies are reporting that with 168 of the 169 constituencies reporting, Kabila has 45% of the votes, short of the majority that he needed to take the elections in the first round. Bemba is second to Kabila with over 20% of the votes and long-time Lumumbist Antoine Gizenga is in third place with 13% of the votes.

The run-off elections is scheduled for October 29, 2006. The Congolese people, led by the opposition forces ought to be congratulated for their yeoman's work in making clear to the international community that the installation of Kabila in the first round would be roundly rejected by any means necessary.

A second round provides the Congolese with an opportunity to make sure that the process is transparent and fair unlike the first round. Many opposition forces believe that the "books were cooked" but because of the pressure from the Congolese population, the presidency could not be given to Kabila in the first round. Many Congolese believe that if the process is relatively fair and transparent, the Congolese people will win.


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